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Pilot Plant

Pilot plant for Soap & Detergents - 10 kgs / hr. Comprises of Sigma mixer, milling roll & simplex plodder. All the three units fixed on a bench top, complete with control panel & chilling plant.

  • Sigma Mixer (S.S) : This is very robust duty machine. Blades & speed of blades has been designed to give maximum & thorough mixing. Blades are machine balanced to avoid any jerks while working.
  • Milling Rolls (S.S) : Three in no. Chilled Rolls are mounted on a rigid box body; all the Rolls are mounted on swinging hangers / eccentric housing with bearing which can with stand robust duty required for milling. Mill is horizontal for convenience of feed & coupled to Geared Motor by rigid coupling, these results in noise free operations.
  • Plodder (S.S): Design of Simplex Plodder is based on principal of compression & extrusion with the help of worm & barrel through a conical mouth cone & extrusion die.
  • complete with control panel & chilling unit
Pilot Mixer

Sigma Mixer made of S.S 304 to hold 10 kgs of soap with manual or auto tilting mechanism complete with control panel.

Size: 10 kgs/ batch.
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